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2012's Color of the Year is..... Tangerine!


This year’s Color of the Year brings a fiery vibrancy to any event and will leave you with a sense of warmth and summertime sun even if around you is nothing but wintertime blues. while the official IT color is Pantone’s Tangerine Tango, you can create a look that’s uniquely you by playing up the various shades and gradients along the color line. Try mixing Clementine, Firecracker and Mandarin along with the Tangerine to give your next event a definite pop of color and a splash of citrus burst!


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"I Fall For You" style board; Designed by Two Chic Chicks

"I Fall For You" style board; Designed by Two Chic Chicks. March 2012.


Fall is one of our favorite times of  the year. The colors are vibrant, the air is crisp and if you reside  in someplace that gets a good amount of heat annually (like Texas, for instance), fall can be the perfect time of the year to host an outdoor fete because it’s not too hot nor is it too cold to have your guests mingle around outside.

The vibrancy of the shades during fall lends itself to a full display of colors that are on fire with their intensity – a palette of reds, coppers, golds and oranges justy waiting to be trabsformed into a nature-inspired event that will delight you and your guests with equal fervor.

To set the tone of a fall-themed wedding, make sure that you send out the perfect invitation. The one we chose is a foldover design with an espresso envelope, ivory invitation and an elegantly embossed brocade design in tangerine (this year’s “IT” color, by the way). The tone is set further with perfectly coordinating attire for the bridal party; a haute couture – yet totally affordable – wedding gown that’s stunning on both a runway and in an outdoor wedding; glitzy accessories; a birch “bark” wedding cake; and lavish, fall fabulous decorations which can include rented birch trees (if the budget allows, of course). For the reception, bring the fall theme to the table with seasonally-inspired edibles such as a blood orange salad and an apple-based signature cocktail and end the evening with maple syrup favors for your guests!

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