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close-up of style #E19110

Remember the gorgeous ivory dress by Marchesa that Kate Hudson wore to the 2010 Golden Globes Awards? It was an ingenious take on wearing a wedding gown to something other than a wedding, but it’s actually a move that has been done by many a pageant girl [it’s the reason the term “Winning White” was coined for gals who won wearing a white dress].

Kate Hudson in a Marchesa 2010 Spring Bridal Collection

Truthfully, we absolutely love the fact that you CAN wear a wedding gown for more than just a walk down the aisle. We’ve actually done so ourselves either for competing in (and winning) our own pageants or just to wear for a formal event. It’s a fabulous trend that we hope to see much more of in the mainstream fashion scene!

Now….  if you can’t afford your very own Marchesa gown for your event, have no fear, because we have the perfect fashion doppelganger for the budget-conscious fashionista! It’s style #E19110 from Black & White by BGH and it will have all eyes on you at your next event. This gown has SO much versatility….. it makes the perfect wedding dress – be it for a traditional, informal or destination wedding – or it could work as a winning pageant or prom gown. Plus: your wallet will sing your praises at the price – an affordable $460.00 compared to the $8000.00 (and up) that you would pay for a gown by Marchesa.

Full view of style #E19110

To purchase,  just go to: http://www.two-chic-chicks.com/blwhe.html


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